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Bauhinia Bliss
Pamper yourself with our Bliss Package. A body hydration treatment incorporating an organic facial. Enjoy an express, but relaxing facial rejuvenation with our organic line of products while your body reaps the benefits of our lightweight, non greasy anti-aging coconut oil.

90mins. - $170 + Tax

Thai Massage (Lazy Man’s Yoga)
‘Lazy Man’s Yoga’ - Exactly as it sounds. Manipulating parts of the body by stretching and applying gentle pressure to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension for complete restoration and overall balance in the body.

60mins. - $110 + Tax
90mins. - $156 + Tax

Hot Herbal Compress
A heated compress packed with aromatic and healing herbs is applied to the body in circular motions to help relieve muscle and joint tension. Promote circulation, detoxify, unblock energy to realign and restore well being.

90mins. - $170 + Tax

The Cosset
Signature body treatment using our premium anti-aging coconut oil to induce mind and body relaxation. Enhance the experience by adding one of our exclusive essential oil blends.

60mins. - $110 + Tax
90mins. - $156 + Tax

Time Out
On a time crunch? No problem, this express treatment focusing on shoulder, neck and scalp restores well being in a jiffy.

30mins. - $65 + Tax

Let us take care of restoring balance to your feet. Begin with a warm towel compress to soothe and relax your lower legs and feet, followed by a hydration treatment to relieve achiness and prepare feet for grounding.

30mins. - $55 + Tax

Indulge in our delightful and nourishing facials to improve and enhance the texture of your skin. A multi-step skin treatment and one of the best ways to maintain a youthful complexion. Massaging the face to increase circulation, stimulate absorption of products to leave the skin rejuvenated with a glow. Choose from a selection of our organic line of products to ‘feed’ the skin by bringing the benefits of plant based extracts to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin for a clear, well-hydrated complexion.

60mins. - $110 + Tax

Essential Oil Blends
Our signature blends are responsibly sourced and carefully formulated by an aromatherapist locally to bring you the benefits of the age old natural healing abilities of pure flower essence.

Add on: $15

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