Spa Services

Liberation Package
Tension relief body hydration session using an exclusive blend of oils to induce deep mind and body relaxation. Medium to firm pressure.
Choose between: Tension Relief, Wellness, Anxiety Calming, or Signature Aromatherapy blends

90 mins | $198
60 mins | $165

Bliss Packages
Anti-stress and relaxation body session incorporating a facial to complete the pampering experience. Light to medium pressure.

90 mins | 5-step mini facial | $170
90 mins | 7-step Moorspa facial | $180

The Cosset
Signature body treatment using our premium anti- aging coconut oil to induce mind and body relaxation. Light to medium pressure.
Choose between: Coconut, Blueberry, Chocolate, or our Rose oils for a custom experience

90 mins | $165
60 mins | $120

The Adore
The royal treatment. Your choice of a 60 minute relaxing body hydration massage or a 60 minute tension relief and pressure point session. Includes 30 minute hair & scalp rejuvenation and a custom MoorSpa facial.

150 mins | $360

Mini sessions

Time Out
On a time crunch? No problem, this relaxing body session focusing on the back including shoulders and neck areas will restore well being in a jiffy.

30 mins | $88

Let us take care of restoring balance to your feet. Begin with a warm towel compress to soothe and relax your lower legs and feet, followed by a hydration treatment to relieve achiness and prepare feet for grounding.

30 mins | $88

Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation
A tension relief head massage and hair hydration session. The process utilizes a blend of oils (essential oils and carrier oils) to bring therapeutic benefits on a cellular level. Curated specifically for our Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation package the oils hydrate, nourish and balance scalp pH to help improve overall hair health.

30 mins | $88

Pure Bliss Hair & Scalp Packages

Hair & Scalp + Mini Facial

60 mins | $165

Hair & Scalp + Back Massage

60 mins | $165

Hair & Scalp + Facercise

50 mins | $130

Awaken Body Exfoliation

Full body Exfoliation & Hydration

60 mins | $165


MoorSpa Custom Facial

60 mins | $110

SQT® Bio-Microneedling (New!)

90 mins | $250-$280

Add On to Sessions

Facercise Add-On

20 mins | $39

Hair & Scalp Add-On

30 mins | $55

Aromatherapy Add-On
Choose between: Tension Relief, Wellness, Anxiety Calming, or Signature Aromatherapy blends


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