Healing the Body

Promote Deep Relaxation and Relieve Tension

Stress is linked to many health problems, ranging from migraines to cancer. That’s why helping the body decompress through Aromatherapy massage can be an important stress management approach. Studies show that aromatic plant essences can alter brain waves and behavior in a positive way. Furthermore, compounds in essential oils such as Lavender (and many others) have been found to decrease levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

Help with Pain and Inflammation

If you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation then you may find comforting relief through Aromatherapy massage. The advantage of using essential oils is they have virtually no side effects compared to modern pharmaceutical drugs. Aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile can be helpful in treating and managing many inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, lower back pain or nerve damage.

Ease Sore Muscles, Sprains and Strains

Sometimes a vigorous workout can result in sore or stiff muscles. Or an accident can leave you with a sprained ankle or strained tendon. Instead of relying on pain medication or muscle relaxers book an Aromatherapy massage for a more natural approach to treating your condition. Gentle manipulation with therapeutic application of essential oils such as Helichrysum is very effective at relieving muscle spasms, pain and inflammation.

Relieve Nausea and Stomach Upset

We all experience nausea or upset stomach from time to time. The cause can be any number of things: morning sickness, severe stress, anxiety and in rare instanced food poisoning. Many people intuitively reach for Peppermint, Spearmint or Fennel tea to ease minor digestive issues. If you have chronic nausea or stomach upset, however, in addition to seeking a proper medical diagnosis and care you can find some relief in the meantime with essential oils.

*pregnant or lactating women should avoid using any essential oils.


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