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Therapies that Promote Mind Body Wellness

Let’s say you already eat right, exercise and practice a healthy work/life balance. It’s still possible to have a particularly stressful week that can throw you off balance. That’s where Aromatherapy (use of essential oils) can help restore your mind and body. Derived from the French word “Aromatherapie,” it’s a well-accepted practice of using aromatic plant molecules to stimulate healing of the mind and body.

You’re probably most familiar with using essential oils as an air freshener and in natural perfumery. What you may not know is there’s so much more to these little miracle workers than their beautiful aroma. Essential oils have tiny chemical constituents that can penetrate through the skin or enter the brain via the olfactory system. Once they enter our body they can exert powerful therapeutic effects.

Some emotional benefits of essential oils

Some emotional benefits of essential oils include combating depression and lifting our mood, calming the nerves, reducing anxiety and promoting a more restful sleep. Administering essential oils directly on the body can stimulate profound healing on a physiological level. Aromatherapy can help alleviate pain and inflammation, muscles tension, soreness, sprains, strains and even stomach upset and indigestion.

There are many ways to enjoy essential oils, the most popular being Aromatherapy massage. It uses Swedish massage techniques and incorporates essential oils in your massage lotion. If your treatment is being performed by a trained Aromatherapist they may use certain essential oils undiluted for a more intense healing experience.

Other ways you can enjoy essential oils at home are by adding a few drops into your humidifier or aromatherapy diffuser. If you don’t have one on hand you can make a refreshing room spray by adding 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil into a water spray bottle.

Note: be careful about spraying or diffusing essential oils if you have pets as certain ones can be toxic to cats and dogs.

What is Mind Body Wellness?

True health is not simply being free from symptoms of disease or pain. It’s a sense of profound joy we experience from having total spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Often referred to as the mind-body connection, this concept underlines how our thoughts, feelings and attitudes can and do influence our physiology in a positive or negative way.

On the flip side, how well we take care of our body (our diet, fitness level, drinking or smoking habits) can seriously impact how we feel about ourselves and affect our mental health. There’s no denying that the intricate interrelationship between our body and mind greatly influences our quality of life.

Total mind body wellness can be difficult to attain nowadays with our busy, hectic lives. That’s why it’s so important to be attuned to how we’re feeling every day. Chronic stress and anxiety can take a hefty toll on our health. It can deplete our adrenal system and lead to a multitude of physiological changes that can lead to a vicious cycle of poor health. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately there are many ways to maintain a purposeful balance between our feelings, thoughts and our physical state.

How to Foster Mind Body Wellness

The best way to promote mind-body wellness is by cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. A diet that includes fresh, wholesome foods will nourish the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes to prevent chronic disease. In fact, a person who receives optimum nutrition has physical stamina and mental fortitude to deal with life’s frequent ups and downs. You’ll also have plenty of energy needed to stay active and fit, which is a vital part of being in tune with your physical health.

If your life is ‘all work and no play’ then you may want to re-evaluate your priorities to achieve a better work/life balance. The biggest regret many older folks have is not spending more time with friends and loved ones. Work is important of course, but it’s the time we spend creating meaningful relationships and bonds that are most satisfying. In fact research shows that people with strong family and social ties are happier, live longer and have more meaningful lives.


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